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The Food Plan.
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Wagmu Suggest Dropdown.

1. Let's find an existing recipe - the homemade pumpkin cornmeal pancakes. Type a keyword Search box, and click Search All or Search My Recipes.

Type a few characters, then pick your recipe.

2. By default, recipes are sorted by Relevance, but you can also sort them by preparation time or Taste Rating. Choose the recipe you want from the search results.

Type a few characters, then pick your recipe.

3. Great! Wagmu shows All the instructions and ingredients, as well as the nutrient profile for one serving.

View a recipe.

4. If you want to make your own recipe, all the controls on this work just like they do on the Food Plan. Wagmu adds up the total weight of the recipe, and you can select the number of servings. Later, when you pick this recipe in the Food Plan, Wagmu knows the size of a serving.

Next you may want use the powerful Suggest feature, that recommends new quantities to eat.